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Life is an update, do you choose to go forward or stop?




Hi, I am writing this post to tell you that whether you are a person or a machine, our lives must be updated. For example, as simple as the Iphone, even if you are currently using the latest Iphone, only one year from now, Iphone will continue to tell you that "We have launched a new version of the Iphone, and this time it has this function, that function." And of course it is, Apple or any other company.

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Life has thousands of difficulties and challenges waiting for you ahead. Many people in our society often compare themselves to others. Myself, too, since I was a kid, I've always been compared to other people by my parents. One after the other, even if I try harder than them, one day tomorrow, we'll find someone newer than me. I don't blame them because I know they're just thinking well for me, but they don't really understand the true nature of the comparison.

Comparing like a double-edged knife, proper comparison can motivate yourself and those around you to grow together. The wrong comparison only makes you weak and lose faith in your own power. Believe me, you yourself have a lot that you haven't explored.

[Ver 1.0] Life is an update, do you choose to go forward or stop?Comparing yourself to others only makes you melancholy, hard to live, not motivating yourself to do anything. You want to live the life of others ignore what you like, what you want to do….

Live your life

To get out of that comparison whirlpool, you must always put yourself in the same update state as the phone. Every day that passes you always have to look back at yourself, you always have to try to make today more than yesterday, tomorrow must be more than today. Just like that creates an update round for the rest of your life, then one day you realize that you are the most complete. If you do something wrong today, you have to edit it and update a new version to correct the mistake. If there are no mistakes, you must update the new knowledge. The new knowledge here is not what is noble. For me, just 5 English vocabulary is enough.

Work vortex

Does work sometimes make you boring? Yes, I, too, my job is to be a very boring design office worker, every day every 8:30am, I go to the company and at 5:30 am I turn off the machine to go home. Can I update anything? Yes, a lot of them. I learned new jobs, I found new solutions, then proposed it to the head of the style. I don't want any reward, I simply want it updated.

Whether it's personal or corporate, we have to update it, every morning you wake up, you become a newer, smarter, more confident person.. because it's already been edited and updated. Work

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